a portrait of Annabel wearing a gray turtle neck and a black button up shirt

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My studio practice focuses on different dynamics that exist within the relationships I have with my loved ones and the everyday events that I experience with them. I memorialize and record these relationships, thoughts and emotions by collaging song lyrics, text that I’ve written, old family photographs, excerpts from books I’ve read, handwritten notes, and edited imagery together, letting each element interact and form connections with each other. These works are housed within pieces that incorporate hand embroidery, screen printing, fabric, bookmaking, short videos, and paper.

Within my design practice, I’m interested in books/catalogs, posters, exhibition graphics, and marketing design.

As a creative professional, I have experience in graphic design, exhibition planning and execution, and program management for an arts education nonprofit.

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a few things that i enjoy ︎︎︎

  • reading things that make me feel smart and/or devastatingly sad (preferably both lol)
  • monthly playlists as an extension of my journaling practice
  • looking at pretty furniture on facebook marketplace
  • basically any kind of noodle soup