a few cool artists

and a short summary of their work

cassidy barnett ︎︎︎ memory, the everyday - screen printing, painting, textiles
sofia bicego ︎︎︎ the body, trauma, healing - sculpture, drawing, installation
kate bickel ︎︎︎ sentiment, objects - textiles, fabrics, ceramics
hannah brancato ︎︎︎ feminist, activist - textiles, mixed media, community
annika cheng ︎︎︎ sinodiaspora, chinese american culture, tradition - soft sculpture, textiles
chloe clark ︎︎︎ nostalgia, memory - printmaking, screen printing
maya davis ︎︎︎ care, the body, healing/maintaining - sculpture, education, community
julia fletcher ︎︎︎ music based design - posters, merchandise, vinyl packaging
ambrocia grayson ︎︎︎ “the slippage between the photo and memory” - painting, textiles
ally hetzer ︎︎︎ desperation™, religious imagery - painting
matteus huvaere ︎︎︎ masculinity, physicality, pushing the boulder up the mountain - performance, sculpture
erika kirchner ︎︎︎ caregiving, play - installation, cermics, printmaking
alexander knepley ︎︎︎ legibility, (lack of) meaning - book making, sculpture, design
kel lauren ︎︎︎ music based design - posters, merchandise
maggie laycock ︎︎︎ the body, folktales/mythology - drawing, painting, mixed media
kylie lockwood ︎︎︎ feminist, research based - sculpture, installation
kristen mesa ︎︎︎ diary, family, intimacy - textiles
makailah rock ︎︎︎ diary, the everyday - painting
victoria vincent (vewn) ︎︎︎ mental health, society™ - drawing, 2d animation
lan florence yee ︎︎︎ text, language, identity - textiles, text-based